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New Zealand Based

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company with our warehouse in Auckland. To find out more about us please follow the link

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Storage Shelves

Whether you're an organising guru, need display shelving for your products, or just want to keep your things tucked neatly within reach, we have a wide range of storage solutions for your needs.

Here at Eurowire, we stock diverse simple yet stylish storage shelves, racks, and other systems designed to keep everything in your home, garden and business neat and organised.

Whether you've got beautiful family heirlooms you want to display, have plans for a complete re-do of your garden, or need equipment to be on-hand nearby in your workshop, we've got shelves of all different kinds of sizes for specialised purposes.

You're sure to find high-quality storage at affordable prices when you turn to us. For more information on our storage shelves or to place an order, please contact the Eurowire team at

About Our Storage Shelves

Our storage systems have been designed to function well and look great, no matter where in your home you're planning to set them up or what you need to use them for. Whether you've got coats to hang, want to keep spices handy for your Saturday night dinners, or need extra storage in your store, you'll find what you need at Eurowire.

Just read on to learn more about the applications we cater to and the range of storage solutions available.

Bedroom Storage

Storage Shelves

We have a range of storage shelves and devices perfect if you need to fit a few more things into your bedroom. Our wardrobes are great for hanging up that new winter coat you can't quite fit into your existing cabinets or if you've just had a killer online shopping haul.

If you want to keep your shoes neat and tidy and off your clean floors, our shoe racks are perfect tucked underneath your wardrobe or in a corner. Our display stands are great if you want to put up family photos, need a make-do bookshelf, or have extra things that don't fit into your wardrobe. The only thing limiting how you use our Eurowire display stands is the extent of your imagination.

Kitchen Storage

Our kitchen storage shelves and supplies will make cooking much more straightforward, whether you need them for your home or a commercial kitchen. With our bottle carriers, spice racks and kitchen carts, you'll be able to keep your ingredients neatly arranged and within comfortable, convenient reach.

Our dish draining and utensil racks will make clean-up much faster and easier and save you from having to keep cleaning wet tea towels. And whether you're a professional chef or just a hobby baker, our cake racks are the perfect base for presenting your delicious desserts.

Bathroom Storage

Keep your cosmetics neat and tidy and minimise spills with our bathroom storage racks. You won't have to worry about fumbling for your soap or shampoo in the shower when they're stored neatly in a Eurowire shower caddy or soap dish. We even stock hairdryer and hair tong holders, so you can save time in the mornings and still leave your house looking great.

Our toilet roll holders will help you make the most of your vertical space and ensure the essentials are there when you need them. We also have hand towel rails and towel racks, which are excellent to make your guest bathroom look clean and welcoming.

Laundry Storage

Commercial Storage Solution

Laundry day is no problem when you have our laundry trundlers to move those dirty clothes to your washing machine or dryer with ease. We also have laundry baskets and buckets, which are perfect for keeping your teenager's dirty school uniforms off the floor and stored out of sight until it's time for them to be washed.

Our iron hangers and board racks let you store your iron out of the way when you aren't using it and make it accessible when it's time for chores. Our storage shelving and solutions will make even the most tedious tasks a breeze.

Garden Storage

Our beautiful baskets and planters have everything you need to make your garden look lovely. These intricately crafted wire frames will accentuate and highlight the natural organic flourishes of your plants. You'll be able to get them safely housed and show off their beauty within your garden's thriving space.

At Eurowire, we have everything you need to shape, groom, and design your backyard into one of your dreams. We supply grow cones, grow frames, and perennial and plant supports. So no matter the landscape vision you have in mind, you'll find all the supplies required to bring your garden to life. We even supply coconut liners and S hooks, so you'll find everything in one convenient place.

We also supply stunning landscape features, such as beautiful fan trellises and garden arches to add that wow factor to your outdoor space.

Keep your garden shed organised and put your tools within easy reach with our hose stands, racks, and garden tool racks. You won't have to worry about hunting around for your shovels and can focus on spending more time tending to your plants.

Commercial Storage Solutions

We have a diverse array of commercial storage shelves. Whether you need a small, portable corner unit to put your tools within easy reach, or large units perfect for putting your products on display for your customers, you'll find every diverse variant of shelving here at Eurowire.

We also supply glass display stands, which are perfect for showcasing the best of your stock and creating an attractive shop front to entice your customers to buy.

Are you looking for some of Auckland's best modular storage systems? You've come to the right place. Here at Eurowire, we have everything you need to construct custom storage shelves precisely to the dimensions of your choice. With chrome-plated posts, pipes, heavy-duty and lockable castors, shelves, handles and shelf dividers, we're your one-stop-shop for everything commercial shelving.

So if you're looking for high-quality, affordable products to make storage simple yet stylish for your residential or commercial space, get in touch with us.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about our storage solutions or advise you on what's best for your needs. Just contact us at