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Shoe Racks NZ

Shoe Racks NZ

Do you need a place to keep your shoes, boots and jandals organised while freeing up valuable floor space? Our selection of shoe racks is perfect for you. From minimalistic, economical horizontal racks made from heavy grade wire to elaborate, multi-level extendable ones with chrome-plated shelves and beautiful wood ends, you're sure to find the right shoe rack for your needs here at Eurowire.

Why Use A Shoe Rack?

It's not a pleasant sight to have shoes scattered in corners around your house. Plus, such disorder can make it busy mornings even harder when you're left hunting desperately for the missing half of your pair of work shoes while all you want is just to get out the front door.

By helping you keep your shoes lined up and accessible, a high-quality shoe rack, like the products available here at Eurowire, can keep your home better organised. It will also make it far easier for you to find the footwear you need when you have to hurry out of the house.

Our racks can hold all the shoes you need while coming in various designs that will work with most interior decor styles. They're an excellent fit for wardrobes, dressing rooms, entryways, front porches, and anywhere else you need your shoes neat and tidied up.

Take the time to explore the range of racks we have on offer and the different functionalities these have so that you can decide which is the best one for your needs.

Sloping Shoe Rack With Wood Ends

This three-shelf shoe rack has been made from chrome-plated wire and comes with wooden ends that offer greater strength, sturdiness, and stability. They also provide a handsome look that provides a combination of timeless style and sleek contemporary appeal.

These wooden ends have also been designed so that the racks can be stacked, one onto another, allowing you to benefit from a larger amount of storage.

Extendable Sloping Shoe Rack With Wood Ends

These racks offer the same excellent benefits as the standard sloping rack with wooden ends, as well as the bonus of extendability. This means that they are an excellent option if you need to add a greater number of shoes to your storage or have moved and can take advantage of a larger space.

These extendable sloping storage devices come in two shelf and three shelf models.

Horizontal Shoe Rack

These economical, minimalist shoe racks are made from durable, heavy grade wire which has been plastic coated white. This finish offers more stability and durability and a sleek, contemporary look that will blend well with a modern house.

They are excellent if you need something nice and clean or have a limited amount of space with which to work. We have racks in 6-pair and 9-pair sizes.

Chrome-Plated Horizontal Shoe Rack

These multi-shelf shoe racks are made from tubular steel frames and chrome-plated wire, promising exceptional strength, a sleek, modern finish and total durability.

They've also been designed to be stacked one onto the other. You can also mix and match them with our chrome-plated sloping racks, allowing you to create the perfect custom solution for your shoe storage needs.

Chrome-Plated Sloping Shoe Rack

Like our chrome-plated horizontal racks, these two- or three-shelf racks are made from robust steel and chrome-plated wire, ensuring that these sturdy racks will hold up to even heavy work boots and outdoor weather.

They are also stackable and can be mixed and matched with our chrome-plated horizontal racks, giving you total versatility when it comes to setting up precisely the storage you need.

Horizontal Shoe Rack With Wood Ends

This four-shelf shoe rack is made from beautiful, sturdy chrome-plated wire and features timeless, classically designed wooden end pieces. That gives you a piece of furniture that is as stylish as it is practical, with maximum stability, strength, and durability.

These racks can be stacked onto each other to create the ultimate solution in shoe storage.

What Should I Consider When Buying A Shoe Rack?

If you are looking for the right shoe rack for your home and needs, there are a few key factors to consider:


Unless you're keeping your rack inside your wardrobe, you will usually place it in an area of your home where it is highly visible. That's why it's advisable to pick one with a design you like, which will fit well with your decor.

Whether you need one with wooden ends for a more traditional look or would prefer a stylish, contemporary modern metal piece, it's worth taking the time to think about whether your potential rack would work well with your home.

Purchasing a shoe rack that's entirely out of place with your home's surroundings or style, on the other hand, may lead to you being dissatisfied with it and seeking a replacement before much time has passed, which would have made your rack a real waste of money.


Wooden racks may offer sturdiness and be more compatible with houses with rustic, old-fashioned designs, but they're also subject to damage caused by moisture and spills. On the other hand, metal shoe racks are clean, contemporary, and will usually last longer, too.


You don't want to end up purchasing a shoe rack that only breaks after a short time, leading to you having to buy new replacements frequently. It's essential to consider the material and construction of the new rack so that you get one that will stand the test of time, ensuring that you'll get your money's worth out of your new purchase.


If you live in a smaller house or apartment or simply face limited storage space, stackability can be an exceptional space-saving feature. Stackable shoe shelves will also allow you to showcase different types of shoes and fit more in to be displayed within a smaller area.

Number of Shoes

How many shoes do you need to store? Someone who is a shoe collector would require more considerable storage space than someone focused on shoes solely as functional devices. If you have a growing collection of shoes, such as if you've just brought in new flatmates or are planning on having children, extendable or stackable options are best as they will quickly increase the number of shoes you can store.

Our team is happy to help if you would like to know more about our shoe racks or have questions about the best option for your needs. Please get in touch with us at  for advice, information and support.