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Eurowire Shelving Sets

Eurowire Shelving Sets

Storage Shelves

Whether you're an organising guru, need display shelving for your products, or just want to keep your things tucked neatly within reach, we have a wide range of storage solutions for your needs.

Here at Eurowire, we stock diverse simple yet stylish storage shelves, racks, and other systems designed to keep everything in your home, garden and business neat and organised.

Whether you've got beautiful family heirlooms you want to display, have plans for a complete re-do of your garden, or need equipment to be on-hand nearby in your workshop, we've got shelves of all different kinds of sizes for specialised purposes.

If you know the size of shelf you need, just use the following links to our range


450mm x 450mm Shelving Sets Range

760mm x 350mm Shelving Set Range

900mm x 350mm Shelving Sets Range

900mm x 450mm Shelving Set Range

900mm x 600mm Shelving Set Range

1200mm x 350mm Shelving Set Range

1200mm x 450mm Shelving Set Range

1500mm x 350mm Shelving Set Range

1500mm x 450mm Shelving Set Range

Eurowire Black Set Range


Click Here for our set selector guide which will help you select the Eurowire Set which meets you needs.

You're sure to find high-quality storage at affordable prices when you turn to us. For more information on our storage shelves or to place an order, please contact the Eurowire team at .

About Our Storage Shelves


Our storage systems have been designed to function well and look great, no matter where in your home you're planning to set them up or what you need to use them for. Whether you've got coats to hang, want to keep spices handy for your Saturday night dinners, or need extra storage in your store, you'll find what you need at Eurowire.