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Laundry Trolley/Trundler

Laundry Trolley/Trundler

A laundry trolley or trundler from Eurowire will make a tiresome chore much more manageable. You’ll no longer have to worry about carrying heavy baskets of washing up and down the stairs and to and from your washing machine, line, or laundromat, while trying to navigate opening and closing doors on the way.

With our wheeled laundry trolleys and trundlers, moving the laundry around is a breeze. Plus, you’ll get your laundry arranged in a neat, orderly space while it gathers over the week. Best of all, our trolleys and trundlers are compatible with most, if not all, laundry baskets and bags. If you’d prefer to get your laundry needs sorted in a single place, the Eurowire team can help with that, too. We sell separate, high-duty laundry bags as well, equipping you with everything you need to get the laundry done better.

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Our Laundry Trundler and Trolley Range

Here at Eurowire, we supply both 2 and 4 wheel laundry trolley and trundler models, as well as separate laundry trolley and trundler bags.

4 Wheel Laundry Trolley / Trundler (Without Bag)

The powerful, sturdy metal trundlers produced by Royal Wire have been a favourite in the New Zealand market for over 20 years.

Constructed from robust 20mm tubing, they feature a wall thickness of 1mm and a white powder coating for additional durability and a superior finish. This is why they’re well set up for moving your laundry to and from your garden line or even out of your house and to the laundromat.

Their unique locking bar prevents the laundry trolley from collapsing unexpectedly, ensuring that you can move your trolley up and down stairs, even with heavy loads of laundry, confident that it will remain solid and stable. Plus, with a 2-year warranty, you can rest assured that your laundry trundler will be built to last. 

Our trolleys also fold flat when not in use. This makes them convenient to store and allows them to tuck neatly out of the way when you’re not doing the laundry. Their combination of strength, durability and space-saving function means that they’re fantastic for small apartments and large houses alike.

While our 4 wheel laundry trundlers do not come with an attached laundry bag, they are easily compatible with most makes and models of laundry bags and baskets. We also supply strong, mildew-resistant nylon laundry bags here at Eurowire that are the perfect attachment to these laundry trundlers.

2 Wheel Laundry Trolley / Trundler (With Bag)

Like our 4 wheel laundry trundlers, these 2 wheel models boost maximum durability, strength, as well as a stable power coating to keep them protected against rain, bumps in the road, and detergent spills. 

Our 2 wheel laundry trundlers come with an attached fabric bag, meaning that you’ll get everything you need to get the laundry started with one convenient purchase.

Their double wheels and accessible handle make it easy to move your laundry trolley wherever you need it, whether that’s from bedroom to bedroom, taking used tablecloths to an industrial utility room, or out your apartment and to a laundromat.

Here at Eurowire, we also offer a comprehensive parts service. This means that you’ll be able to continue using your stable, reliable laundry trundler long after inferior models have been discarded.

Laundry Trundler Bag

Made from mildew-resistant nylon, these laundry trundler bags are a perfect fit for a wide range of laundry trundlers, including the Royal Wire models we have in stock. Our bags also come with a peg bag sewn at one end. That makes it easy to ensure that you always have clothes pegs on hand when you’re taking your laundry out into the garden to take advantage of the beautiful summer sun.

Our bags taper to a flat bottom, too. This construction offers you a larger holding capacity and makes it easy for you to ensure that you’ve got everything you need in one convenient trip.

The Benefits Of Using A Laundry Trundler

There are numerous ways a Eurowire laundry trolley can make unpleasant chores much easier, whether you need them for residential or commercial cleaning. These include:

Keeping Your Site Tidier

Do you have seeing clothes scattered all over the place? Do you need dirty sheets or tablecloths moved out of the way before new customers come into your restaurant or hotel? Our laundry trundlers make it easy for you to keep dirty laundry out of the way in one convenient place. Plus, because our trolleys and trundlers come with wheels attached, you’ll have everything set up to be moved to your laundry room or laundromat right away.

Greater Mobility

Our laundry trundlers and trolleys are simple to move around your house or to and from your laundromat. That’s why they’re beneficial if you live alone, are dependent on a common laundry such as in a student hall of residence or apartment, or have elderly relatives who may not be able to move large loads of laundry up and down the stairs easily. 

They’re also handy for commercial purposes or where you might need to move laundry around a large site, where carrying a basket could quickly get tiring. Plus, as they come with included peg bags, you can get your laundry from the washing machine to the line without worrying about hunting for clothespins once you get outside.

Greater Capacity

Manage larger amounts of laundry in a single trip with a laundry trolley. Don’t worry about leaving out single items, like a sock that’s fallen through the hole in a plastic basket onto the floor, or having to walk back and forth, up and down stairs, just to get your dirty clothes in. Plus, you might even be able to fit your detergent, softener, and garment bags in as well, making trips to the machine or laundromat much easier.

As they elevate loads to an accessible height, it’ll also be easier for you to load and unload your washer or dryer, putting less strain on your back. If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits our laundry trundlers can offer you, just place an order below, or contact our team at  for any questions.