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Bathrooms are one room of the home that never seem to have enough storage space. Between your morning makeup routine and nightly shower, your bathroom serves many functions in a limited space. If you're tired of battling your tiny bathroom but don't have the time or budget for a full remodel, use these ideas to make the most of every square centimeter of space you've got. These creative ideas will boost bathroom storage, helping you keep your makeup, toiletries, and linens organised. With the right storage, even the smallest bathroom can feel luxurious.


Mount a Towel Rack

Use vertical space to help clear out space in your bathroom cabinets or linen closet. A wall-mounted rack or storage unit with individual open cubbies is ideal for storing extra hand towels, washcloths, and small bathroom essentials. Try rolling larger towels so they fit inside the small slots.


Eurowire has a range of economic towel rails which can be added to your bathroom walls. If you cannot mount a towel rack to the wall Eurowire has a range of free standing towel stands which come with the added bonus of storage shelves.


Hang Basket Shelves

For an inexpensive storage solution, mount a set of baskets on your bathroom wall. The raised sides keep lotions, small towels, and makeup products contained, while the open tops provide easy accessibility.


Eurowire has a range of storage baskets that can be screwed to the wall or alternatively secured using suction cups.


Separate Bathroom Storage Items

Instead of fumbling around in drawers to find your moisturizer, sort items into separate containers for more streamlined, easy-to-access bathroom storage.


Our range of storage trolley’s have either white or black draws which are pretty enough to keep out in the open, so you can save drawer space for less frequently used items. The other advantage is that they are mobile so you can move your makeup to another room if required without having the hassle of finding shelf space.


Designate a Cleaning Supply Cabinet

Take advantage of roomy under-sink cabinets to keep bathroom cleaning supplies at the ready. The Eurowire under sink shelving unit will help you to make use of vertical space. A paper towel holder and trash bag holder are also handy to store in a bathroom cabinet.


Use Adhesive Hooks for Tools

Make use of behind-the-door space and inside vanity cabinets. Attach adhesive hooks inside the door to keep hair tools, such as your hairdryer and brushes, organized and out of the way. Mount a wire rack below to store hair products in a convenient spot.


Eurowire has a range of adhesive storage ideas that will help you make use of every space, these include:


Utilize Kitchen Items

Vertical storage is the best way to maximize counter space, so stack up your bracelets on a paper towel holder for a pretty display that doubles as decor. This would also work well for keeping hair ties in one place. If the item is reading too kitchen-oriented, paint it to suit your style.


All of our Kitchen storage ideas can be used in your bathroom.


Hang an Organiser in the Bathroom

Hanging organizers can corral your shampoo and conditioner in the shower, but they also work well in the main bathroom area. Choose a wire shower organizer that combines multiple storage options, such as a basket or shelf with a horizontal rack, so you can use it to dry towels and store toiletry products. Hang it from a hook or peg in an easy-to-reach spot.


We have an extensive range of shower organisers and shower caddies.


Free Standing Storage

Most Landlords will not allow shelves or other storage items to be mounted onto walls. In these situations the only option is to use free standing storage.

For Apartments and small dwellings a free standing racking system over the toilet or the washing machine allows you to use the space above these appliances without the need for landlord permission.

Our Eurowire Shelving Sets can be used in the bathroom as long as they are not being continually wet.