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Garden Storage

  • $7.00

    Hose Stand


    Made from heavy gauge wire which has then been plastic coated green this hose rack is a one piece design that holds the hose firm at the top of the...

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  • $10.00

    Garden Bag (270L Capacity)


    The Eurowire Garden Bag has a capacity of 270L. The Bag opens to 67cm in diameter and has a load capacity of 150kg.The Bag is made from durable pol...

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  • $7.00

    Hose Rack


    Made from heavy gauge wire which has been plastic coated green this hose rack design includes two loops to hold the hose end. Secured via two screw...

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  • $12.50

    Implement Rack


    Made from heavy gauge wire which has then been plastic coated green, the rack has been designed to take a range of garden tools. The deep hooks wil...

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Garden Storage


Organising your garden shed or garage can be tricky when it seems you have more stuff crammed in than space available.

Figuring out how to organise your garden shed requires a bit of thought. For most of us the Garden Shed does not always get the attention it deserves. Most garden sheds become quickly filled with outdoor clutter making it hard to find particular items or even just getting access inside the shed.

With an open, clean and organised garden shed you can store items to find what you need when you need it. We have put together some storage tips and ideas to make the most out of the storage space your Garden Shed or garage can provide.


Think Vertical with Shelving


You are never going to have enough floor space in a shed, after all you have to make sure you have enough access to safely move around the shed. Installing vertical shelving particularly against shed walls will allow you to make the most of the “air space” in the shed while preserving as much of the “floor space” as possible.


Shelving will also make your Garden Shed or Garage appear larger and more spacious as you eyes will be drawn up away from the floor.


Click here to view our range of shelving sets which can be used in your shed or garage.


Utilize Your Walls


Garden tools come in a range of shapes and lengths which make them difficult to store on a shelf. Installing a garden tool rack, organizer or hooks allows you to accommodate tools of different shape and length into one place.


It’s a good idea to store your commonly used tools together (spade, shovel, clippers) on an easily accessed wall. This will save you time and effort as what you use most often will always be close at hand.


We have two options for wall storage of your garden tools and implements - the garden tool rack or the implement rack.


Hang Garden Tools on the Exterior


Don’t forget two of the most underrated storage sections of a shed — the back of the doors and the exterior walls. Hang hooks on the doors to organise your most commonly used smaller tools. This way, all you need to do is open the door to get to what you need most. To store larger gardening tools like shovels and rakes, mount the hanging storage on an exterior wall. This shed organisation idea is most effective if the wall is slightly protected from the elements with a roof overhang.


Wire Shelving


Consider using wire shelving for your garden shed. Wire shelves let the light through, making it easier to find items in spaces where you might not have a lot of light. Wire shelving also stands up to water better than wooden shelves, and you’ll have some moisture if your storage area is located outside.


Click here is see our range of wire baskets and storage shelves.


Hang Hose and Cords


If you’re planning how to organise a shed, the last thing you need is a headache from all the tangled cords and hoses taking up space on the floor. Using hooks, shelving units or even PVC pipe to organize your cords and hoses will help you to stay significantly more organized.

The key here is making sure the hook you have is securely fastened to the wall of your shed and are in a place where you can easily access. Our hose rack is an smart and economical alternative which can be used around the home and garden.


Contain Chemicals with Storage Boxes


It’s common to have chemicals such as weed killer, pesticide spray, diesel and paints inside storage sheds. However, these are extremely toxic, and some are even flammable in confined spaces. As you’re figuring out how to organize your shed, prevent these chemicals from contaminating the floor, ground, or even water supply.

By placing all of your potentially hazardous chemicals in a storage container, you can ensure they’re in one place and also kept safe from outside exposure. Heavy-duty plastic bins that are easy to slide in and out are great options for storing these.

Here are some things to keep in mind when storing and organizing chemicals in your shed:

  • Keep the chemicals in their original containers, stored in one place together.
  • Keep them out of sunlight and out of reach of pets and children.
  • If you’re storing fertilizer and fuel in the same close space, be sure that it’s ventilated and that the two aren’t near one another.