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Towel Stands

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    Towel Stand (4 bar)


    Large, stylish 4 bar towel stand with an additional wire storage shelf. Made from robust steel tube which as been chrome plated for a superior fini...

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Towel Stands

Floor Standing Towel Rack

A floor standing towel rack, also known as a freestanding towel rack, is an excellent addition to nearly any bathroom. These stands and racks are fantastic for setting up your towels so that they look presentable, are easily accessible, and will dry out thoroughly without leaving a mess on your bathroom floor.

Our Towel Rack Stand Collection

Here at Eurowire, we offer two variants of towel stands - 3-bar freestanding towel racks and 4-bar freestanding towel racks.

All our towel stands come supplied as flat packs with all assembly instructions and necessary tools included. They can be put together in less than 15 minutes.

3-bar Towel Stand

Our beautiful, stylish 3-bar floor standing towel rack comes with an additional wire storage shelf to store extra bath or hand towels, bathmats, or even soaps and cleaning supplies. Made with robust steel tubing, these stands have also been chrome plated to offer a superior finish and total durability. Their sleek, tripod-like curves emphasise contemporary architectural design, making them an excellent statement choice to bring your bathroom's decor to the next level.


Total Height: 100cm

Width: 48cm

Depth: 38cm

4-bar Towel Stand

These sturdy, handsome towel stands come fitted with a storage shelf, making them the perfect solution for your bathroom organisation needs. With powerful steel tubing construction, a Eurowire 4-bar floor standing towel rack is perfectly equipped to stand up to years of use. These racks have also been chrome plated for that extra final touch. They are excellent if you need ample storage space, for instance, if you have a large family, or would like to set up decorative candles and diffusers for a truly luxurious bathroom experience.


Total Height: 85cm

Width: 60cm

Depth: 34cm

Benefits Of A Floor Towel Rack Stand

The right towel rail can offer enormous benefits to your bathroom's style and storage space. Here at Eurowire, our beautiful 3-bar and 4-bar floor standing towel rack range provides everything you need to keep your bathroom beautiful and tidy.

With these stands, you'll be able to keep your entire collection of bath and hand towels, face cloths, and washcloths organised and within easy reach of your bathroom or shower. Their sturdy steel frames are complemented by their gleaming, chrome-plated finish and will help you add storage and style alike to your bathroom.

And their freestanding design and portability mean that a bathroom isn't the only place they're suitable for. While they're excellent in main bathrooms and ensuites, they're also great in your guest bedrooms or by your pool so that you can dry off after a swim. Their durable construction means they're excellent indoors and out and will keep your towels accessible whenever you need them.

Better Drying

There's nothing more frustrating than not having sufficient space to hang a towel. That means that you'll either have to drape it over your shower door, where it sticks to collected moisture, layer it over other towels, preventing airflow and keeping them wet, or having to leave it on the bathroom floor. Damp towels could also contribute to the growth of mould and mildew in your bathroom, which can be damaging to your health.

In contrast, a floor standing towel rack helps keep your towels separated. This allows better airflow to pass through, between, and around your towels, helping them dry quicker and more thoroughly for a more pleasant and hygienic bathroom experience.

Aesthetic Appeal

Add storage and style alike to your bathroom with these beautiful towel racks. You won't just benefit from having your towels neatly presented - the stands themselves are beautiful pieces of furniture that will bring your home's decor to the next level. With their gleaming, chrome-plated finishes, they're a powerful modern piece that will look stunning in any contemporary bathroom or house.

Indeed, these towel rails are features in their own right. They contribute significantly to the aesthetics and design of your bathroom space, whether you want a welcoming guest area or a luxurious, contemporary bathroom. Their sleek lines will make a true statement in any room they're set up in. Plus, their chrome-plated finish helps avoid chipping, peeling and rusting, even in the humid moisture of a bathroom, which will help them look their best.

Save Space

A floor standing towel rack is excellent if you have a small bathroom, apartment, or house with limited storage. They allow you to save precious wall space so you can set up cabinets or shelving instead. That helps you make better use of limited space and get more into your bathroom.

Easy To Install

Freestanding towel stands simply need to be placed in the middle of your floor space. You don't have to screw rails into the wall or set up mounting, which you might not be allowed to do if you're renting a property. You also don't have to risk damaging your tiles, wiring, or plumbing.


As no attachments are required for a floor standing towel rack, you can easily move it within a bathroom or from room to room. This means that if you need one in a guest bathroom for temporary use, such as if you have family staying over, you can place it there while they need it and then move it back into storage afterwards, freeing up space and simplifying the cleaning process.

This also means that if you have a freestanding bath, which is likely to be located in a central position away from walls, you can set up your towel rack right next to it. That way, you can quickly grab a towel and dry yourself off once you're done without spilling water all over the floor in the process.

You can also move your stand right next to your shower door, so you won't have to step out of it and reach for a towel from a distant rail once you're done. If you have both a bath and a shower, you can move the rack around depending on what you want to use. It's incredible convenience in a single stylish package.

These lightweight, durable structures offer you incredible flexibility and convenience for your bathroom storage needs and are a great addition to any home. If you'd like to see how a floor standing towel rack can benefit your home, get in touch with the Eurowire team at .