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Wardrobe Systems

Wardrobe Systems

Here at Eurowire, we stock an extensive range of wardrobes, wardrobe components, and accessories to handle all of your storage needs. Whether you're looking for more space to store your clothes, need to keep tools on hand in your workshop or require a greater number of shelves in your pantry, our wardrobe systems are an excellent solution. Just read on to learn more about them. 

Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Here at Eurowire, we stock New Zealand's most comprehensive range of modular shelving systems. We sell wardrobe kits and individual components alike, allowing you to design a custom storage solution to your exact requirements. 

We supply accessories for your wardrobes, such as multi hooks, which are excellent if you would like to store scarves, hats, small towels, or even kitchen utensils. If you need to store clothes, medicines or spices that could be damaged if exposed to sunlight, our canvas wardrobe cover is a fantastic solution. With its easy access zip, your items are accessible when you need them and safely and securely contained when you don't.  

Our wardrobe systems include the following add-ons:

  • Chrome Plated Posts (900mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm)
  • Chrome Plated Shelves
  • Clothes Hanging Pipes (900mm, 1200mm)
  • Handle (For 25mm Pole)
  • Heavy Duty Castors
  • Lockable Castors
  • Multi Hook (10 Prongs)
  • Shelf Divider
  • Shelf Ledge
  • Single Prongs (in 10cm, 20cm and 30cm)
  • Wedge Sets

The Eurowire Wardrobe

We offer complete wardrobe sets with two sizes in silver and one size in black. That means that whatever your home's decor, style, or colour scheme, you'll find the right wardrobe systems for your site when you choose Eurowire for your storage needs.

Our kit includes four lockable castors and screw-in feet. That means that you have the option to either set it up in a stable space, or move it about, for instance, if you need to transport it between rooms, are in a workshop where you require tools in different areas, or want to set your wardrobe aside for cleaning. 

The Eurowire wardrobe is made from high-grade wire and a tubular steel frame that has been copper plated and then bright chromed. That is why our wardrobes have the superior durability needed for industrial use while also being a beautiful piece of furniture that boasts a sleek, modern appearance.

Their stylish, open-wire construction permits laminar airflow and reduces the amount of dust that will gather on your items. Your goods, possessions, or tools will be kept clean, tidy, and in excellent condition.

All of our wardrobe shelves boast a load rating of 150kg, which means that they offer market-leading strength levels. Our wardrobe kits come with three shelves, which are height adjustable at 25mm increments. They are held in place by plastic wedges which click into the grooves on their posts. That means that all you need to do to remove or reposition a shelf is simply to tap it from below. There's hardly a more straightforward or customisable wardrobe solution available.

Our modular wardrobe systems make it easy for you to add more shelving or change the configuration of your storage solutions to suit your evolving needs. That is why they are a simple yet powerful storage fix for your home, office, or warehouse.

Best of all, our wardrobe kits are supplied as flat packs with no assembly tools required. That means that you'll have your new storage solution up and ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Please note, however, that our chrome-plated steel products are not suitable for extremely wet areas.

Simplify Your Wardrobe, Enhance Your Life

Our Eurowire open-frame wardrobe systems are excellent if you're looking for additional storage. But did you know that they're also a fantastic solution if you want to tidy out and simplify the contents of your existing wardrobe?

Taking the time to clean out your wardrobe can offer you an extensive range of benefits. Many peoples' closets become full of items that people don't wear or no longer fit. This range of unneeded items can quickly become overwhelming.

Here are some of the advantages you can get by simplifying your wardrobe:

Save Time

Fewer items in your closet mean that you'll spend less time in the mornings trying to decide on what to wear. You won't have to flip through your clothes, trying on ones you're uncertain about and having to re-hang or fold them afterwards, or leading to clutter gathering on your floor.

Setting up streamlined wardrobe systems mean that you'll only be left with clothes you like and that work well together. That means that getting ready won't just be a quicker experience - it will be a more pleasant one, too. 

Plus, when you restrict the number of items you're keeping in your closet, you'll shop less, too. That means you'll save time in clothing stores and deliberating over purchasing decisions in dressing rooms.

Less Decision Fatigue

Streamlining decisions such as what you'll be wearing to work will save your brain precious energy. The human brain can only make a limited number of decisions per day before the quality of these decisions decreases - a phenomenon that's known as 'decision fatigue'.

By reducing the number of smaller choices you have to make, you'll help your brain increase its capacity to make larger, more complex decisions later in the day.

Save Money

Many of our shopping purchases are the result of boredom, impulse spending, or even clever marketing. Taking the time to set up simplified wardrobe systems in your life will help you avoid wasting money on unnecessary expenditures.

That is because when you take the time to sort out your closets, you'll become more conscious of the clothing you love, feel good wearing, and are likely to use on a day-to-day basis. 

You'll avoid buying clothes on impulse, reducing your waste and the number of things you'll have to drop off at the Salvation Army a few months later.

Plus, when you're able to take a quick inventory of your closet before you head out of the door, you'll be more aware of the items you already own. That will help you avoid buying multiples of the same thing.

Less Stress

When you've got fewer items to sort through while you're getting dressed, you'll save a lot of stress in the process. You won't just save time debating on what to wear - you'll be less likely to run late to work or events, too.

As everything you own will be clothes you genuinely enjoy and feel comfortable wearing, you'll not just be dressing better and faster - you'll have your confidence boosted, too, which will help you combat day to day stress.

Are you ready to get your storage needs sorted? For advice on setting up modular wardrobe systems, or to discuss the best option for your organisation needs, just get in touch with the Eurowire team at .