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Storage Trolleys

Storage Trolleys

Need extra storage space? A storage trolley is a practical, versatile, mobile solution that works great in both residential and commercial areas. You can use them throughout your house for a wide variety of functions. 

Here at Eurowire, we stock sleek, stylish chrome storage trolleys in various sizes and colours. No matter your style or storage needs, you're sure to find exactly what you're after with us. If you've got any questions or are looking for a specific organising tool, get in touch with our team at

Chrome Storage Trolley with Shelves

Our chrome-plated trolleys are excellent for diverse functions. They're made from robust, tubular chrome frames that offer great strength and durability alike. The shelves are made from punched metal and then powder coated either black or white for a superior aesthetic finish and sturdiness. 

Our trolleys come with four swivel, black-painted wheels, two of which are lockable. This construction makes it easy to move these trolleys from room to room and lock them in a fixed place.

They come flat-packed and include installation instructions and all the assembly tools you require to put them together in less than 20 minutes.

These trolleys come in the following colours and sizes:

  • 3 shelf (black)
  • 3 shelf (white)
  • 4 shelf (white)
  • 4 shelf (black)

Chrome Storage Trolley with Drawers

If you have many items to store that you need to have easily accessible or keep a little more private, our storage trolleys with drawers are a great solution.

Their stylish storage containers are made from moulded plastic for greater strength and durability and set into tubular, chrome frames that offer a stylish, sleek modern look. They're topped with a top plate powder coated either black or white for better robustness and an appealing finish. 

These trolleys come with four swivel wheels and are available in both large and small sizes with different drawer and colour options:


  • 3 drawer (white)
  • 3 drawer (black)
  • 4 drawer (white)
  • 4 drawer (black)


  • 3 drawer (white)
  • 3 drawer (black)
  • 4 drawer (white)
  • 4 drawer (black)
  • 5 drawer (white)
  • 5 drawer (black)

Storage Trolley Shelf (Glass)

These beautiful, four-shelf chrome-plated storage trolleys are perfect if you want something highly visible and is as much a display piece as it is a functional storage tool. Their shelves are made from powerful, stunning tempered glass, making them great for keeping your objects on display or as a statement piece in a bedroom.  

Eurowire Chrome Wire Trolley

These chrome wire trolleys feature three shelves, a handle that makes them far easier to move around, and heavy-duty castor wheels to allow them to stand up to the rigours of day to day use.

They are constructed from high-grade Eurowire wire and tubular steel that has been first copper plated and then bright chromed for unrivalled quality and a superior finish.

With every shelf having a load rating as high as 150kg, these storage trolleys have some of the greatest strength in the market. The shelves themselves are height adjustable at 25mm increments and held in place by plastic wedges that click into the post's grooves. That means that all you need to do to remove or reposition a shelf is simply tap it from below.

With their stylish, open-wire construction, you'll benefit from maintained laminar airflow and reduced dust collection. Our Eurowire chrome wire trolleys offer a fantastic storage solution that is perfect for your home, office, kitchen, shop, and even a warehouse.

Ways To Use Your Storage Trolley

When your house lacks closet, wardrobe or drawer space, a rolling storage cart can be extremely useful for creating additional storage. They allow you to move your supplies to whichever room you need them to be in, while benefiting from style and aesthetic appeal.

Here are a few ways you can put a storage trolley to use in your home:


Keep everything you need for a good night's sleep next to your bed with our storage trolleys. You won't be left fumbling for necessities in the dark or blindly reaching for your glasses first thing in the dark morning. Keep books, alarm clocks, water, and anything else you might need for bed right next to you so that you won't have to wander around in the middle of the night in search of them.

Bar or Drinks Cart

A bar cart is essential if you love to entertain. A storage trolley allows you to set up a mobile place to mix cocktails or keep different drinks, glasses, straws, napkins, and possibly even little bar snacks in easy reach when you're having a house party. Wheel it around your living room, kitchen, or in an outdoor space to allow your guests to chat and relax with a drink in hand. 

Home Office Space

Working from home, especially if you're in a creative field, can mean that large amounts of materials and documents can quickly accumulate into clutter. Storage trolleys make it easy for you to keep your supplies organised and help you get your work done efficiently. Plus, if you find that you're not working well at a particular desk, it's quick and straightforward to move everything to a different part of your home.

Create A Cleaning Centre

With all your cleaning supplies stored in your trolley, you can move them from room to room quickly and without much trouble. This will make what can often be a tedious and tiresome chore far more manageable, and make spring cleaning a breeze.

Kitchen Storage

You can never have too much storage or prep space in a kitchen. Kitchen storage trolleys will offer you extra room to set up ingredients or allow you to keep your cooking essentials, spices and store cupboard staples within easy reach when you're busy cooking. Move the cart out of the way if you need more cooking space, or keep it close by to grab extra ingredients or tools when you need them.

Store Dishes and Plates

A storage trolley is excellent for keeping your cutlery and crockery stored outside the kitchen as well. Free up space in your cabinets and leave your daily necessities within easy reach by placing your plates, bowls, glasses, and platters on a convenient storage cart.

Are you looking for more ideas on putting storage trolleys to use, or do you have questions about our organisation solutions? Contact the Eurowire team at, and we'll be more than happy to help.