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Spice Racks

  • $22.50

    Spice Rack Ladder 4 tier


    Four Tier spice rack made from heavy grade wire which has been plastic coated for a superior finish and durability.Simply mount the ladder to the d...

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  • $17.50

    Spice Rack Ladder 3 tier


    Three Tier spice rack made from heavy grade wire which has been plastic coated for a superior finish and durability.Simply mount the ladder to the ...

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  • $5.00

    Spice Rack Single


    Single wire spice rack made from heavy grade wire which has been plastic coated white for a superior finish and durability. Able to hold up to 5 st...

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  • $12.70

    Single Spice Rack (Chrome)


    Chrome plated spice rack, can hold up to 8 standard spice shakers or 12 standard spice packets.Dimensions: Length 34cm, Depth 7.5cm, Height 6cm wit...

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  • $9.50

    Eurowire Spice Rack (suction or screw)


    Spice rack single tray, made from heavy grade wire powder coated white for a superior finish and durability. Length 34cm, Depth 7cm. Eurowire sucti...

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Spice Racks

Want to keep your cooking supplies handy and accessible for those times when you’re busy in the kitchen? Here at Eurowire, we offer a wide range of stylish steel and chrome-plated spice racks that will ensure that you’ve got all the ingredients you need neatly arranged and available when you’re putting together a delicious dinner.

A spice rack makes it easy to know what and how many spices you have to cook with at a single glance. They can fit in most kitchen spaces - on walls, within drawers and cabinets, and even on countertops. They’ll make the cooking process easy and faster as you won’t have to hunt around for individual spices. Plus, once you’re done cooking, these racks store away neatly in an organised, accessible place.

Keep your essentials on hand and get rid of disorganised clutter with our sleek, clean, modern racks. If you have any questions about the spice racks we stock here at Eurowire, our team is happy to help. Just get in touch with us at for any queries.

Tips On Organising Your Spices

Trying to keep a wide array of different spices neatly arranged can feel like a difficult task. However, this is not quite as complicated as it might seem. Here are several useful tips on how you can make use of our spice racks to keep your cooking essentials neatly organised:

Alphabetise Your Spices

One of the easiest ways to find your spices when you need them is to keep them arranged alphabetically.

That way, you know exactly where to look for a particular spice. Such a system also means that if you have a shared kitchen or spice cupboard, you won’t have to worry about trying to find where they’ve placed your turmeric after using it in their curry.

Buy In Bulk

It can be challenging to keep a spice rack neatly organised when you have packets with tiny bits of leftover spices you’re hoping to use at some point. By buying in bulk, you can purchase exactly the amount of spice you need, whether it’s a small quantity to try a new recipe or a large amount of something you use regularly.

If you can’t find bulk spices at your local supermarket, you can try shopping at a spice specialist. These stores are also likely to have more extensive ranges and offer fresher spices, as well.

Are you in a rural area with no specialist spice stores nearby? You can order spices online and have them delivered to your door. As they’re light and easy to ship, you won’t have to face overwhelming delivery charges, either.

Check Whether Your Spices Are Fresh

Spices don’t last forever. When you’re taking the time to organise your spice rack, clear out much-needed space and make sure you’re only using fresh supplies in your cooking by checking the status of your existing spices. Have they changed colour? Do they smell dull? An off smell is a major red flag that your spice might have lost its freshness. If in any doubt, have a taste - that’s a surefire way to know if you need to replace old spices.

Label Your Spices

You don’t want to have to painstakingly open and smell every spice jar to try to find the proper ingredients when you’re busy cooking. A labelling system will ensure that you instantly know where the right spices are and put them away in the correct places afterwards.

If you don’t have a label maker, some masking tape and a marker are all you need. You should label your spice jars, boxes, or bottles on their front, back, and on the top, so you can easily tell what’s in the container, whether it’s in your hand, in a spice rack, or on your kitchen counter.

Buy Quality Spice Racks Online in New Zealand

We stock a diverse range of spice racks catering to different needs for kitchen storage:

Ladder Spice Rack

These fully adjustable spice racks come in 3- and 4-tier variants, making them excellent storage options for the serious chef or anyone interested in exploring a wide array of new flavours or cuisines.

Constructed from heavy-grade wire, these racks have also been plastic coated to offer a superior finish and greater durability within your kitchen.

They’re easy to use, too. You simply mount the ladder to your desired surface and hook the wire baskets into the rung of choice. This adjustability means that you can easily move your baskets around to cater to containers of different heights, offering you a highly customisable organisation solution.

Single Spice Rack

Whether you want individual racks to form a custom, more extensive storage system or only need one extra add-on, our single wire spice rack collection is excellent for kitchen renovations and new builds alike.

These racks are made from heavy-grade wire, allowing them to stand up to regular use, and their white, plastic-coated finish provides a sleek, minimalist appearance suitable for most kitchen styles and designs. They can hold up to 5 standard spice shakers or 8 standard spice packets and attach easily to your desired surface using the two included screws.

Single Spice Rack (Chrome)

With its sleek chrome-plated finish, this stylish, modern spice rack is fantastic for newer kitchens or renovations focusing on true aesthetic appeal. You’ll get exceptional functionality and design in one single, handy kitchen storage system.

These racks can hold up to 8 standard spice shakers or 12 standard packets. They can be secured using their two self-adhesive pads, which work excellently on smooth tiles, glass, or melamine surfaces. These adhesive pads are waterproof, non-toxic, making them safe for an environment like a kitchen and, best of all, leave no marks on your surface.

Eurowire Spice Rack

This single tray spice rack is made from heavy-grade wire, ensuring more outstanding durability, and comes with either a white, powder-coated or chrome-plated finish.

Our stand-out Eurowire suction technology offers you three different types of fittings, which means that these racks are adaptable for nearly any kind of kitchen available. Best of all, every fitting type comes included with the rack, so you have everything in need to set up and mount your effective new kitchen organisation system.

Suction Caps

For mounting to glass or glazed ceramic tiles

Suction Caps With Adhesive Pads

For mounting to non-glazed ceramic tiles or painted surfaces

Caps With Mounting Screws

For mounting to wood or gib board

The team at Eurowire is always happy to take any questions you might have about our spice racks or our other kitchen storage and organisation products or just get in touch with us at .