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Bee & Insect House (Large)

SKU 00900
Attract bugs and insects to help pollinate your fruit and vegetables with this bee and insect house.

Many beneficial insects such as native solitary bees (there are 28 species of native bees in New Zealand), lacewings, lady bugs and many more which like to nest in small hollows, holes pinecones and wood shavings which this house provides.

Native bees and insect play an important role as pollinators for native plants including manuka, kanuka and pohutukawa this is because honeybees often prefer introduced plants and can take nectar from some native plants like Kakabeak without pollinating them.

Made from untreated material including timber and bamboo with a mounting latch for easy fixing. The best place to mount this house is facing towards the sun with the prevailing wind behind it.

Measurements: Total Height 22cm, Maximum Width 25.50cm, Depth 8cm.

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