Shower Caddy Large (Stainless Steel) (with Supastik)

SKU 10686
Are you needing a shower caddy but you don't want to hang it from the shower? This stainless steel shower caddy comes with a large basket, soap dish, razor slot and two prongs for flannels or sponges. Basket dimensions 25cm x 12cm, total height 17cm. The shower caddy is held in place with Supastik. Supastik uses self adhesive naopad technology to secure the product to smooth tiles, glass or melamine surfaces. The adhesive pads are waterproof, non toxic and do not leave marks on the surface. Supastik is not suitable for uneven, rough or porous surfaces. The supastik pads require 24 hours from application to settle and gain adhesion. No load is to be put on the pads during this period. The total load restriction for this product is 2kg's