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Paper Towel Holder, Chrome Plated (with Supastik)

SKU 10632
Are you wanting to get your paper towel holder off the bench but still close at hand? This chrome plated paper towel holder with Supastik just maybe the answer. Total length is 30cm with a depth of 14cm so it will hold all standard paper towel rolls.

Supastik uses self adhesive naopad technology to secure the product to smooth tiles, glass or melamine surfaces. The adhesive pads are waterproof, non toxic and do not leave marks on the surface. Supastik is not suitable for uneven, rough or porous surfaces. The supastik pads require 24 hours from application to settle and gain adhesion. No load is to be put on the pads during this period. The total load restriction for this product is 2kg's

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